Travel Nursing Licenses: What You Need to Know

Getting licensed is crucial to being able to travel when and how you want.  Knowing the time it will take for the license to become active or even if you’re currently licensed in that state can be researched and handled ahead of your desired start date.  Learning the typical wait times for states and that application process will help stream line your travel experience.

RN degree. While a BSN is required at some CA facilities, for the most part, an Associates or Bachelors in Nursing is required.  Most facilites won’t see the difference in a candidate with an ASN in nursing with 5 years experience and a nurse with the same experience with a BSN.

  • License to practice in the state you choose. You’ll need to be license in the state you would like to take an assignment in.  States like New York, California and Massachusetts can have long wait times for licensing.  Having a Compact License gives you the ability to work in 30+ States!
  • Additional Certifications. ACLS, BLS, PALS, TNCC or NIH.  Different specialities require different certifications.  Also different facilities and units will determine what is needed.

Compliance items can be retrieved prior to gaining an assignment.  Being prepared with any of the below items will help the process of getting you compliant for your assignment before the deadline.  Being “pushed” means your start date is moved to the next orientation due to your compliance file not being complete.  This costs you money and sometimes the facility might even cancel your assignment.

  • Certifications
  • Licensing
  • Vaccination Records
  • Physical Exam
  • Drug Screen
  • Background Check.
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